Shun Watanabe received B.E., M.E., and Ph.D. degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2005, 2007, and 2009, respectively. During April 2009 to February 2015, he was an assistant professor of the Department of Information Science and Intelligence Systems at the University of Tokushima.  During April 2013 to March 2015, he was a visiting assistant professor of the Institute for Systems Research at the University of Maryland, College Park. During March to April 2016, he was a visiting fellow at the Institute of Henri Poincare. Since February 2015, he has been an associate professor of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. He is a member of IEEE and IEICE. He currently serves as an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. 


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Department of Information and Computer Sciences, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan.

Email: shunwata [at]
Phone: +81-42-388-7896


Research interests
Shannon theory