Information for Organizers

Information and guidelines for potential conference organizers. This applies to ISITs, ITWs and conferences sponsored by other organizations for which there is significant technical involvement of the IT Society.

To announce your conference and its CFP on the mailing list, social media and this IT Society website, see Submit an Announcement.

Instructions for Conference Organizers to Gain IT Society Technical Co-sponsorship 

An acquisition form must be used by conferences seeking technical co-sponsorship, but not financial backing, of the IEEE IT Society. IT Society BoG approval of the application is required before the conference can display the IEEE or IT Society logo on its promotional material.  

The approval of technical co-sponsorship is a three-step process. As detailed below, STEP 1 consists in submitting an acquisition form to obtain preliminary IT Society approval; STEP 2 consists in officially registering the conference with IEEE; STEP 3 consists in reviewing an MOU to obtain final IT Society approval.  Following the three steps sequentially will ensure timely approval of the co-sponsorship.

  • STEP 1.  Fill in the acquisition form and email it to the IT Society President and Conference Committee Chair. The Conference Committee will make a recommendation to the BoG, which will then decide whether to approve. The Conference Committee Chair will notify the conference organizers of the outcome.
  • STEP 2.  Fill in the IEEE Conference Application Form  at (on-line form).  The IT Conference Committee Chair will then be asked to verify that the IT Society approved the technical-co-sponsorship.  If verified, the conference is assigned an IEEE number and is listed on the IEEE Conferences list.
    Timing: 18 – 12 months prior to conference date.
  • STEP 3.  A MOU will be generated automatically using the sponsor information entered in the IEEE Conference Application. IEEE sends each of the sponsor representatives an e‐mail that contains a link to review the MOU and submit their decision. Send a scanned copy by email or fax to the IT Society Conference Committee chair, who will sign and email to [email protected] for IEEE signature.
    Timing: At least 6 months prior to conference date.