ITSOC Distinguished Lecturers

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ITSOC Distinguished Lecturers

The Information Theory Society established the Distinguished Lecturer Program to promote interest in information theory by supporting chapters who wish to invite prominent information theory researchers to give talks at their events. Distinguished Lecturers are selected by the Membership and Chapters (MC) Committee in consultation with the Board of Governors. The Society aims to maintain ten Distinguished Lecturers each serving for two year terms.

A chapter desiring to invite a Distinguished Lecturer should submit a proposal to the Membership Committee Chair indicating

- the benefit to the chapter,
plans for interaction by the local members with the Distinguished Lecturer, and
- the chapter's plan for ensuring vigorous attendance.

If the MC Committee accepts the request and if the Distinguished Lecturer accepts the invitation, the MC Committee Chair will approve a Distinguished Lecturer event with an appropriate level of expense reimbursement (usually partial travel costs).

The value of the program will be assessed through feedback from the chapters and the Distinguished Lecturers. Comments and feedback on the program are always welcome, please contact the MC Committee Chair.

2019 Members
Marco Dalai
Lecturer (01/01/18 until 12/31/19)

Department of Information Engineering

University of Brescia, Italy

Natasha Devroye
Lecturer (01/01/19 until 12/31/20)

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Illinois at Chicago
Science and Engineering Offices (SEO)
851 S. Morgan Street (M/C 154)
Chicago, IL 60607
Voice: 312 996 1013
Fax: 312 996 6465

Lecturer (01/01/19 until 12/31/20)

4223 Engineering Hall
Henry Samueli School of Engineering
University of California Irvine
Irvine CA 92697-2625
Phone: (949) 824 1684

Lecturer (01/01/18 until 12/31/19)
Vincent Y. F. Tan
Lecturer (01/01/18 until 12/31/19)

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,

National University of Singapore

Sennur Ulukus
Lecturer (01/01/18 until 12/31/19)

Department of ECE
University of Maryland

Aaron B. Wagner
Lecturer (01/01/18 until 12/31/19)

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

Roy Yates
Lecturer (01/01/19 until 12/31/20)

WINLAB/ECE Department
Rutgers University
671 US 1

North Brunswick NJ 08902

Aylin Yener
Lecturer (01/01/19 until 12/31/20)

Dean's Fellow and Professor of Electrical Engineering
Penn State University
121 Electrical Engineering East, University Park, PA 16802

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