Student and Outreach Subcommittee

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Student and Outreach Subcommittee

The Student and Outreach Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Membership Committee.

The Student and Outreach Activities Subcommittee shall consist of the 2nd Vice-President, a Subcommittee chair, and additional members appointed by the Subcommittee chair. The Subcommittee chair will be appointed by the 2nd Vice-President in consultation with the Nominations and Appointments Committee, and with approval of the Board. Additional Subcommittee members will normally include at least two graduate students or postdoctoral fellows, and will include an IEEE Young Professionals liaison. Typically the Subcommittee Chair and appointed members will serve for two years, with the members serving in staggered terms.

The Student and Outreach Activities Subcommittee shall be responsible for planning and implementation of student activities and outreach activities at Society Symposia and Workshops, including: (i) planning and implementation of activities at symposia and workshops that address the concerns of student members of the Society; (ii) planning and implementation of activities at symposia and workshop that address the needs and encourage the participation of the Society's underrepresented demographics while being of interest to the community at large, and (iii) creating services, such as the mentoring network, that address the needs of current members or are designed to encourage the participation of potential future members of the Society.

2021 Members
Martina Cardone
Member (04/18/19 until 12/31/21)
Chair (04/05/20 until 12/31/21)

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

200 Union Street SE

6-179 Keller Hall

Minneapolis, MN 55455-0170

Phone: 612-625-1242

Matthieu Bloch
Ex-Officio (01/01/21 until 12/31/21)

Georgia Institute of Technology

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Onur Günlü
Member (01/01/21 until 12/31/22)

TU Berlin, Fakultät IV, HFT-6, Einsteinufer 25, 10587 Berlin

Siyao Li
Member (01/01/21 until 12/31/22)

Networks, Information, Communications + Engineering Systems - NICEST Lab

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Illinois at Chicago

Neha Sangwan
Member (01/01/21 until 12/31/22)

A 206, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha road, Colaba, Mumbai - 400005

Member (03/22/18 until 12/31/21)

Phone Number: 775-233-9238

I-Hsiang Wang
Member (04/18/19 until 12/31/21)

Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

National Taiwan University (NTU), Taiwan

Parisa Hassanzadeh
Young Professionals Representative (02/01/20 until 12/31/21)
J.P. Morgan, New York , NY
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