Journal on Selected Areas in Information Theory (JSAIT) Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the Journal shall consist of four members, serving in staggered non-renewable four-year terms. Appointments to the Steering Committee shall be made by the Nominations and Appointments Committee in consultation with the current Steering Committee members. The Chair of the Steering Committee shall be appointed by Steering Committee members and must have served for at least one year as a committee member prior to being appointed Chair. In the event that the Steering Committee is unable to select a Chair, the Chair shall be selected by the Publications Committee. 

The term of office of the Journal Editor-in-Chief shall be three years. At least six months prior to the end of a term of office, the Society shall issue an open call for a new Journal Editor-in-Chief. The Journal Editor-in-Chief shall be nominated by the Steering Committee of the Journal and appointed by the Board. The outgoing Journal Editor-in-Chief is not eligible for immediate re appointment as Journal Editor-in-Chief. The Journal Editor-in-Chief shall be a voting member of the Board. Journal Senior Editors are appointed by the Journal Editor-in-Chief, subject to the approval of the Steering Committee of the Journal.

Members By Year

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2024 Members
Chair, until Dec 31, 2026
Member, until Dec 31, 2024
Member, until Dec 31, 2027
Member, until Dec 31, 2025