Thomas M. Cover Dissertation Award Committee

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Thomas M. Cover Dissertation Award Committee

The Thomas M. Cover Dissertation Award Committee shall consist of a Chair (appointed by the Nominations and Appointments Committee), the 1st Vice-President, and at least three other Society members (at least one of whom must be a member of the Board) appointed by the Nominations and Appointments Committee before January 15th. Typically the Chair and members of the Committee will serve for three years, with members serving in staggered terms.

The Committee is charged with deciding whether to name a Thomas M. Cover Dissertation Award winner for the year and with selecting a winner.

2020 Members
Christina Fragouli
Chair (01/29/19 until 12/31/20)
Member (01/01/18 until 12/31/20)

Department of Electrical Engineering
University of California, Los Angeles 

Wei Yu
Ex-officio (01/01/20 until 12/31/20)

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
University of Toronto
10 King's College Road
Toronto, ON M5S 3G4

Member (01/28/20 until 12/31/22)
Haim Permuter
Member (02/28/19 until 12/31/20)

Ben Gurion University
Electrical & Computer Engineering Departmen

Michele Wigger
Member (02/07/19 until 12/31/20)

Communications and Electronics Department
Telecom ParisTech, LTCI
46, rue Barrault
75634 Paris Cedex 13

Tel.: +33 1 45 81 7528

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