JSAIT Special Issue on Electromagnetic Information Theory
JSAIT call for papers. This special issue is dedicated to Electromagnetic Information Theory (EIT) . Submission deadline is August 15, 2024.
May 7, 2024

EIT is an interdisciplinary framework integrating electromagnetic wave (EM) theory and information theory (IT) for the analysis of physical systems for the communication, processing, and storage of information. For instance, it has been shown that physically large antenna arrays, large intelligent surfaces, RF lens antenna arrays, holographic MIMO, and/or continuous-aperture MIMO can be analyzed more effectively within an EIT framework. Furthermore, it is expected that the physical properties of the orbital angular momentum (OAM) multiplexing, the non-diffraction properties of the Bessel beam, and/or the acceleration properties of the Airy beam will open new opportunities under the EIT framework.

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Submission deadline: August 15, 2024.