2009 IEEE Fellows
Jun 30, 2009

Since 1963, IEEE has acknowledged those individuals who have contributed to the advancement of engineering science and technology. The grade of Fellow is bestowed on the recipient who has had an extraordinary record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest.

The following members of the Information Theory Society
were elected IEEE Fellow in 2009:

Claude Berrou
For invention of turbo codes, generalization of the turbo principle in receivers, and influence in standardization.
Helmut Boelcskei
For contributions to multiple input/multiple output wireless communication and filter bank theory.
Char-Dir Chung
For leadership in the broadband wireless communications industry.
Gustavo de Veciana
For contributions to the design of communication networks.
Michelle Effros
For contributions to source and network coding.
Gerhard Fettweis
For contributions to signal processing algorithms and chip implementation architectures for communications.
Brendan Frey
For contributions to information processing and machine learning.
Bijan Jabbari
For contributions to resource management and mobility in wireless networks.
Ralf Koetter
For contributions to coding theory.
Michael Luby

For contributions to theory and practice of iterative coding.
Narayan Mandayam
For contributions to wireless data transmission.
Ramjee Prasad
For leadership in developing personal wireless communications technologies.
Hayder Radha
For contributions to visual coding, communications and networking.
Eero Simoncelli
For contributions to statistical models of visual images.
Iickho Song
For application of signal detection theory to vehicular communication systems.
Vahid Tarokh
For contributions to communications and information theory.
David Tse
For contributions to wireless communications.
Peter Vary
For contributions to digital speech processing and coding.
Xiang-Gen Xia
For contributions to signal processing for digital communications.