New blog and book on IT
New blog and book announcemnet on IT in computer vision and pattern recognition
Apr 28, 2009

A new blog ITinCVPR is opened in:

This new blog dedicated to the scientific and technical discussion on Information Theory (IT) and its links with Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR).

The first book devoted exclusively to the subject will be issued soon by Springer and, as author of this book, I discovered the need of initiating a forum of dicussion of research ideas, science and technology. As a reader, potential reader, or simply someone interested in the field, we will collect here your oppinions, publish the released reviews, answer questions about the problems and sections sketched in the book.

Please post here your comments about your experiencies with IT and CVPR, your questions, and suggestions. Soon a proposed roadmap (the ITinCVPR tube) which is intended to by dynamically updated (by all of us) will be sketched here. Other entries like links to slides and so on will come soon!