Good News! IEEE Student Membership Dues Are Now 50% Off
Attention Students! IEEE now offers a discounted dues option for all student and graduate student members. Simply enter promotion code FUTURE50 when you join or renew to receive 50% off your student membership!
Dec 22, 2020

At its November meeting, the IEEE Board approved a motion authorizing a discount of up to 50% on student and graduate student member dues. This discount is being offered immediately to all renewing and first-time student members.

Students wishing to take advantage of the 50% discount can do so by using the promotion code FUTURE50 during the online check-out process for joining or renewing their IEEE membership.

This IEEE Board action is providing financial relief to students affected by the global pandemic and subsequent economic hardships around the world. The action empowers IEEE volunteer leaders with an additional tool to help students in need of IEEE's resources, as well as assist students whose IEEE membership has lapsed.

Credit Available

Students who recently renewed or joined at full price can reach out to the IEEE Contact Center at:  [email protected]  and request a credit on future membership dues.