Board of Governors Election
Individual IT Society members can nominate candidates for election to the Board of Governors.
May 3, 2009

Dear IT Society Member, 

As the chair of the Nomination and Appointments Committee I would like to draw your attention to the fact that individual Society Members may nominate candidates for election to the Board of Governors. See the relevant information below. The "date of the election" is June 28, 2009, implying that the nominations have to be made by May 31, 2009.  

Best regards,
Bixio Rimoldi

Excerpt from the Bylaws Article IV, Section 1: 

Individual voting members of the Society eligible to vote in the election for the Board may nominate Society Members by written petition provided such nominations are made at least 28 days before the date of the election. A Newsletter solicitation for such nominations shall be published in the first issue of the current year. Prior to submission of a nomination petition, the petitioner shall have determined that the nominee named in the petition is eligible and willing to serve, if elected; evidence of such willingness to serve shall be submitted with the petition. The number of signatures required on a petition shall be determined in accordance with IEEE Bylaws as follows. When the electorate is less than 30,000 voting members, signatures shall be required from 2% of the eligible voters. When the electorate is more than 30,000 voting members, 600 signatures of eligible voters plus 1% of the difference between the number of eligible voters and 30,000 shall be required. The size of the electorate shall be determined by the official IEEE membership records at the end of the year preceding the election.

Petition signatures can be submitted electronically through the official IEEE society annual election website, or by signing and mailing a paper petition. The name of each member signing the paper petition shall be clearly printed or typed. For identification purposes of signatures on paper petitions, membership numbers or addresses as listed in the official IEEE membership records shall be included. Only signatures submitted electronically through the IEEE society annual elections website or original signatures on paper petitions shall be accepted. Facsimiles, or other copies of the original signature, shall not be accepted.