PhD position in Quantum Information
PhD position in Quantum Information : The selected candidate will conduct fundamental research in the areas of Quantum Information, Quantum Statistics, Quantum Learning, broadly specified.

In the recent past, it has been established beyond doubt that by leveraging the unique quantum properties of sub-atomic particles, information can yield unparalleled advantages in diverse disciplines of information processing including computing, communication, cryptography and control. In fact, protocols such as quantum key distribution accomplish tasks hitherto believed impossible. Notably, these protocols have been demonstrated in practice and research is underway to scale them up. We are shaping up towards emergence of a new age in information processing. Recognizing this vast potential, developed countries across the world including United States, France, Germany, Netherlands, China, Singapore and others are investing vast amounts of money and resources in quantum information. New labs are being formed, several startups are emerging. Just like the last two decades offered great jobs in technology, research and academia in classical digital information, the coming decades is expected to generate such opportunities in quantum information. The younger generation who now gets trained in this new emerging area will be able to command great opportunities as they grow in their career.

Mastering quantum information is a challenging task today. It is at the intersection of physics, mathematics and engineering - computer science and electrical engineering. More so, the field is currently dominated more by physicists and mathematicians. The doctoral program advertised below provides a unique opportunity to gain expertise and become a leader in quantum information. Hosted at EURECOM - a top research institution of France that is strongly connected to leading universities of Europe including TU Mumich, IMT, Telecom Paris - it provides an ideal environment to pursue research. With leading research labs such as INRIA right beside EURECOM, the doctoral student will get a unique opportunity to interact with leading researchers in France and beyond.

Department : Communication Systems Dept
Date 12-2023
Reference PhD Position – Thesis offer M/F (Reference: CS/AP/Quant/082023)
The selected candidate will conduct fundamental research in the areas of Quantum Information, Quantum Statistics, Quantum Learning and Classical Information Theory, broadly specified. Topics include but are not limited to 1) One-shot quantum information theory, 2) Quantum PAC Learning, 3) Error Exponents and Renyi Divergences, 4) Classical Information Theory, among others.

Requirements : Education Level / Degree: Masters in EECS, Statistics/Mathematics
Field / specialty: Classical Communication, Quantum Information, Information and Coding Theory
Other skills / specialties: Exposure to quantum information or quantum computation is not necessary
Application :

The application must include :
Detailed curriculum, List of publications specifying the three most important publications, Motivation letter of two pages also presenting the perspectives of research and education, Name and address of three references.
Applications should be submitted by e-mail to [email protected] with the reference: CS/AP/Quant/082023