External Award Nominations

The External Nominations Committee is responsible for the solicitation, processing and submission on behalf of the Society of nominations for appropriate IEEE awards and, as applicable, for awards outside of the IEEE.  Below is a partial list of such awards.  Contact the committee chair with questions. 

  Location Annual Deadline
The Shaw Prize Hong Kong November 30
The Xplorer Prize China April 15
The Ho Leung Ho Lee (HLHL) Award Foundation China  
Tan Kah Kee Science Award Foundation China January 1 to May 15 in odd years
The Future Science Prize China  
Kobayashi Award IEEE January 15
Sumner Award IEEE January 15
Kirchmayer Award IEEE January 15
Japan Prize Japan  
Armstrong Award ComSoc  
Bell Medal IEEE June 15
Dresselhaus Medal IEEE June 15
Hamming Medal IEEE June 15
Founders Medal IEEE June 15
Mulligan Medal IEEE June 15
Dobrushin International Award  Russian May 10
Eduard Rhein Germany  
BBVA   June 30
Athena Swan ACM ACM January 15
Prix Glavieux France  
Canadian Telecoms Prize Canada March 31
Médaille Blondel France  
RSS and UK    
IMS Fellows   January 31
Mustafa Prize   N/A
VinFuture Prize Vietnam June 7
L'Oréal Prize UNESCO May