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Find help with sign in and the features of available to members.

Sign In

Sign in to your account using your IEEE single-sign on — use the same email address and password that you use to sign in to  Here are some common questions:

  • I cannot sign in to with IEEE single-sign on: First verify that you can sign in to  If necessary, find your email or reset your password at
  • I can sign in to, but I cannot sign in to Only members of the IT Society may sign in to 
  • I had an existing profile on the old system, but when I sign in I get a new, blank profile: Most likely your email address on does not match your IEEE single sign on address. Please contact us so that we can help you. 
  • I have changed my IEEE single-sign on email address and now I cannot find my existing profile:  Your email address on needs to be updated manually. Use the contact form for assistance.  


A profile page on is available for members of the IEEE Information Theory Society. The profile page: 

  • Displays your portrait, biography, contact information that you provide,
  • Optionally displays an email address of your choice,
  • Shows awards you have received and your IT Society committee service,
  • Lists news items and nominations you have submitted under "My Content" (visible only to you). 

You can control if your profile is publicly visible using the "Make my profile public" checkbox.  If you are signed in, go to your profile page.    

More things to know about the profile page:

  • When you sign in for the first time, a profile is automatically created, but is not publicly visible. 
  • If you are no longer an IT Society member, your profile will remain but you will no longer be able to login.  Use the contact form for assistance.

Submit Announcements

IT Society members may submit announcements for display on this site, on the mailing list and social media. 


Our site video section features technical presentations and tutorials on information theory.   If you have a suggestion for video content that may be of interest to the community, please contact us

Sites for Schools of Information Theory

We have a great microsite feature that allows hosting the website for Schools of Information theory; see for example ESIT 2020.  If you are a school organizer, contact us to get started with your school microsite. 


For IT Society chapters, we have migrated the lists of officers to this site:

  • The chapter president or other designee is encouraged to keep the officers list up-to-date
  • The new system requires an end date for each position. 
  • Contact us to receive instructions on how to update your chapter list.

For chapters that wish to have a richer presence on, we recommend using a microsite.  If you are a chapter officer, contact us to get started with your chapter microsite.

Committee Lists

Per an IEEE rule, only the current-year committee lists are displayed on the publicly accessible website.


This new site went live on March 29, 2021.  Nearly all of the content from the old site was migrated to the new site, however not all of this content has been organized. Content may be found using site search.  Contact us if you have specific needs regarding the legacy content. 

Data Privacy

  • The IT Society uses MailChimp to send announcements.  Subscribers can control their preferences by following instructions at the bottom of the email.  This is independent of IEEE vTools eNotice.  

For members:

  • If you do not want your profile publicly displayed, go to your profile page, select Edit Member Profile, uncheck "Make my profile public".
  • Your profile has two email addresses:
    • The email address under "Edit Account" is required, and should match your IEEE single-sign on address. This address is not displayed publicly. This email is also used for system notifications, such as confirmation of form submissions.
    • The email address under "Edit My Profile" is optional and is only used for display.  
  • Only current-year committee lists are displayed to the public.  Historical lists are visible to members.
  • Content you have submitted to this site, including News, Events, Jobs and award nominations are listed under "My Content" on your profile page.  My Content is visible only to you.