Registration for 2017 NASIT is now open!

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Registration for the 2017 North-American School of Information Theory is now open!

To start your registration, please visit this page. For more information regarding registration, please visit this page.


The 2017 North American School of Information Theory will be held June 6-9 2017 in the Technology Square Research Building at Georgia Tech. 

The school is the 10th Annual North American School of Information Theory and follows a series of events designed to provide graduate students with opportunities to:

  • Learn from senior lecturers in the field who will present long-format (2 1/2 hour) tutorials;
  • Participate in a stimulating and inviting forum of scientists;
  • Present their own work for feedback and potential collaboration;
  • Deepen their connections with the community.



The school will be held over 3 and a half day and will consists of

  • Senior lecturers presenting long-format (2 1/2 hour) tutorials; 
  • Students presenting their own work in poster sessions. 

The confirmed lecturers for this year's even are

  • Prof. Gerhard Kramer, Technische Universität München 
  • Prof. Muriel Medard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Daniela Tuninetti, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Prof. Aylin Yener, Pennsylvania State University

Additional speakers will be announced soon!


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