2019 North American School of Information Theory

2019 North American School of Information Theory

2019 North-American School of Information Theory

July 2-5, 2019, Boston, MA


The 2019 North American School of Information Theory will be held Tuesday, July 2 through Friday, July 5, 2019 in the Photonics Center at Boston University. This will be the 12th Annual North American School of Information Theory and follows a series of events designed to provide graduate students with opportunities to:

  • Learn from senior lecturers in the field who will present long-format tutorials;
  • Participate in a stimulating and inviting forum of scientists;
  • Present their own work for feedback and potential collaboration;
  • Deepen their connections with the community.



Lecture 1:  Prof. Alexander Barg University of Maryland, College Park

Erasure codes for distributed storage and related problems

Lecture 2:  Prof. Tara Javidi University of California, San Diego

Sequential Acquisition of Information: From Active Hypothesis Testing to Active Learning

Lecture 3:  Prof. Maxim Raginsky University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Information, Concentration, and Learning  

Lecture 4:  Prof. Kannan Ramchandran Padovani Lecturer,  University of California, Berkeley

On duality, encryption, sampling and learning: the power of codes


Lecture 5:  Prof. Adam Smith Boston University

Privacy, Stability, and Generalization

Lecture 6:  Dr. Kalyan Veeramachaneni , Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hands-on Machine Learning Workshop ( Githup Link to Demos


The school was hosted in the Photonics Center, 8 Saint Mary's Street, Boston, specifically in the Colloquium Room on the 9th floor.  
On-campus housing is at 10 Buick Street, Boston, which is a 15-minute walk from the Photonics Center.

Organizing Committee

Salim El Rouayheb (Rutgers), Poster Session Co-chair
Arya Mazumdar (UMass Amherst), Poster Session Co-chair
Muriel Médard (MIT), Advisor
Bobak Nazer (BU), General Chair
Flavio du Pin Calmon (Harvard), Publicity Chair
Yury Polyansky (MIT), Technical Demos Chair
Anand Sarwate (Rutgers), Technical Program Chair

Original Website at  http://iss.bu.edu/bobak/nasit

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