New channel coding achievability bounds

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New channel coding achievability bounds


Creation Date: Jul 06, 2008

Published In: Jul 2008

Paper Type: Conference Paper

Book Title: Proc. of IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory

Address: Toronto, ON, Canada


Three essentially different approaches to the constructive part of the channel coding theorem have been proposed by Shannon, Feinstein and Gallager, respectively, leading to upper bounds on the minimal error probability achievable with a given rate and blocklength. Here, new upper bounds are given on both average and maximal error probability, which are tighter than existing bounds for many ranges of blocklength and channel parameters of interest. Along with converse bounds, the newachievability bounds allow to approximate tightly the maximum rate achievable for a given blocklength and error probability for blocklengths as short as n = 200 for both the BSC and the BEC.

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