Preview of the IEEE ISIT 2020 Conference
Details about ISIT 2020 registration, format, and programs. Registration is free for all (non-author) IT Society members, and the registration deadline is June 19.
Jun 9, 2020

Members and Friends of the IT Society:

We would like to give you a preview of the IEEE ISIT 2020 conference and what is going to happen in the week of June 22-26, 2020.  Please note that registration deadlines are right around the corner.  Registration is free for all (non-author) IT Society members, so we encourage you to take advantage of this year's virtual program.

As you know by now, due to the COVID19 pandemic ISIT 2020 is run as a virtual conference.

All registered participants, will receive their access information (username and password) to access the online conference platform on June 20, 2020 by email.

Please stay tuned for this email and do not panic if you do not receive access credentials immediately after your registration: this is normal and meant to be so.

Notice that the registration process is different for authors and non-authors.

Registration for Authors

All authors are automatically registered when their papers are registered. Each paper must be registered only once . Automatically all co-authors of a registered paper are registered and will receive their access credentials. All papers must be registered by June 12. If your paper is not registered by June 12, it will be take out of the Proceedings and will not appear on IEEE Xplore.

Registration for Non-Authors

Non-authors must register individually, even if the registration fee may be zero, depending on your IEEE and ITsoc membership. Please review the registration conditions and register . If you do not individually register, you will not receive your access credentials and you will not be able to stream the video presentations of the papers and attend the live event via Zoom webinar. Notice that the deadline for non-author registration is June 19. Please register by this deadline . It will be impossible to accommodate last minute registrations beyond this date.

Structure of the Virtual Conference

The conference is formed by a Technical Program:

and a Live Program:

The Technical Program contains all paper presentations. The Live Program contains all live events.

All the paper presentations included in the Technical Program will be available for on-demand streaming in an asynchronous way: videos can be streamed at any time from June 21 to July 12. The papers are organized in sessions, and sessions are grouped according to thematic tracks for convenience, but there is no timing associated to the sessions. The Technical Program includes an Industry Talks session and a Student and Outreach Committee Activity session.

Important : you can pose questions to the presenting authors using a Q/A discussion forum available for each video presentation. The authors will be notified by email of your question. This is a great occasion to have interesting asynchronous discussion with the authors about their papers and presentations.

The Live Program consists of a single track sequence of live events including: opening session, plenary sessions, award ceremony, Shannon Lecture, Panels and Tutorial presentations, Student Award presentation, Announcement of the 2021 Shannon Award. These events are live, through Zoom webinars that you can access with out login credentials once registered. Recordings of the live events will be made available for streaming on the same ISIT virtual conference platform (with some hopefully short technical delay).

Looking forward to seeing you online at ISIT 2020!


General Co-Chairs: Salman Avestimehr Babak Hassibi Giuseppe Caire
Technical Program Co-Chairs: Wei Yu Frederique Oggier Young-Han Kim Gregory Wornell