2017 ITSOC Paper Award goes to Bennett, Devetak, Harrow, Shor, and Winter

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The Information Theory Society Paper Award is given annually for an outstanding publication in the fields of interest to the Society appearing anywhere during the preceding four calendar years.
The award winning paper is
The Quantum Reverse Shannon Theorem and Resource Tradeoffs for Simulating Quantum Channels
Charles Bennett, Igor Devetak, Aram Harrow, Peter Shor, and Andreas Winter
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 60 (5), May 2014.
This paper provides an important step forward for both quantum and classical information theory by presenting a comprehensive study of the basic problem of simulation of a noisy quantum/classical channel by a noiseless one in a large variety of settings, thereby providing converse statements to channel coding theorems. The paper states that in the presence of the so-called entanglement embezzling states, the amount of communication needed to simulate a noisy channel equals the entanglement-assisted capacity of the channel. In addition to addressing the reverse Shannon theorem, this paper also provides a natural classification of various notions of capacity in quantum information theory.