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March 2004
President’s Column; Historian’s Column; Golomb’s Puzzle; NSF Program Director.
December 2003
Hidden Markov Models and the Baum-Welch Algorithm; President’s Column; Historians Column; Golumb’s Puzzle.
September 2003
President’s Column; Historian’s Column; Biography: Nelson Blachman; Golumb’s Puzzle Column.
June 2003
Channel Uncertainty in Communications; President’s Column; Historian’s Column; Orbituary Sándor Csibi; Performance of Reduced-Rank Interference Suppression; Golomb’s Puzzle Column.
March 2003
Living Information Theory; Prague Floods and Information Theory; Valery N. Koshelev; Historian’s Column; Golomb’s Puzzle Column.
December 2002
Historian’s Column; 60th Birthday Celebration for Daniel J. Costello; Golomb’s Puzzle Column.
September 2002
Muriel Médard Wins Kirchmayer Award; New ComSoc/ITSoc Joint Paper Award Established; Norman C. Beaulieu Elected to The Royal Society of Canada; Historian’s Column; Golomb’s Puzzle Column.
June 2002
Vijay K. Bhargava Elected to the Canadian Academy of Engineering; IEEE Review of the Information Theory Society; Historian’s Column; Golomb’s Puzzle Column.
March 2002
Obituary Peter Elias; Reflections on Improved Decoding of Reed-Solomon and Algebraic-Geometric Codes; Golomb’s Puzzle Column; Historian’s Column; From Marconi to Wireless Internet: An Information Theoretic Perspective.
December 2001
A Juggler’s Tribute to Claude Shannon; Historian’s Column; Golomb’s Puzzle Column.
September 2001
Constrained Sequences, Crossword Puzzles and Shannon; Historian’s Column; Golomb’s Puzzle Column.
June 2001
Memorial Tribute to Dr. Claude Shannon; Historian’s Column; H. Vincent Poor Elected to the National Academy of Engineering; ArXiv Preprint Server Available; Golomb’s Puzzle Column; NSF Award Recognizes Wireless Pioneer.