Newsletter Submission Instructions and Guidelines

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The Newsletter and Online teams are working together to combine submission processes where appropriate. These instructions and guidelines are meant to help members effectively share their content with the community.

Questions regarding the joint submission process for the Newsletter and Website should be directed to the Newsletter Editor and Online Editor of the Online Commitee.  All questions regarding the Newsletter-only submission and publication process should be directed to the Newsletter Editor Salim El Rouayheb ()

Content for the Newsletter and Website

You are encouraged to submit most content for publication both in the printed newsletter and on the website--especially announcements, news, and events.

Web Submission Instructions and Guidelines


  • At present, the website cannot accept content containing mathematics.
  • You can copy and paste text from most editing programs into the website submission forms.
  • The Newsletter and Online Editor(s) will assist in final formatting as required.

Content for the Newsletter Only

Please send these via email to the Newsletter Editor.


  • You are encouraged to submit ASCII, LaTeX or Word source files; do not worry about fonts or layout as this will be taken care of by IEEE professionals.
  • Electronic photos and graphs should be in high resolution and sent as separate files.