Starting off with this March edition, we acknowledge the achievements of our society members who have received notable awards and recognition. We also cover a report on the 2023 Zugspitze Workshop on Communications and wrap up with a call for papers, a conference schedule, and a request for nominations.


Announcements, news, and events intended for both the newsletter and the website, such as award announcements, calls for nominations, and upcoming conferences, can be submitted at the IT Society website Articles, reports, and columns can be e-mailed to me at [email protected] (or [email protected]) with a subject line that includes the phrase “IT newsletter.” Or the submission can be made directly by the authors at

Next few deadlines:

  • May 20, 2023 for the issue of June 2023;
  • August 20, 2023 for the issue of September 2023;
  • November 20, 2023 for the issue of December 2023.

Note for email submission:

Any formats (plain text, LaTeX, and word files) are allowed; do not worry about fonts or layout as this will be taken care of by us. Electronic photos and graphics should be in high resolution and sent as separate files.