WITHITS at ISIT 2016: The Samoan Circle

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WITHITS (Women in Information Theory) invites you to participate in our informal and fun Samoan Circle Event. All are welcome; the focus is on issues pertaining to women in academia. 
Monday July 11, 2016, lunch slot at ISIT 2016 in room 40.S03 (room near where coffee breaks are)

Rules and LUNCH provided.

 Topics of discussion:

(i) tenure process: perception and reality; 

(ii) transition challenges: student to postdoc to research/teaching faculty; 

(iii) finding good mentors

(iv) parenting and tenure/academic process: concerns/issues/pretend-it-doesn't-exist ?

(v) how to mentor/advise female students: addressing their unique challenges

(vi) gender and evaluations 

More details at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/33382307/WITHITS-ISIT2016.pdf