School Venue

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School Venue

  • The 2011 School of Information Theory will be held at UT Austin and a campus map is provided below.
  • Lectures and Poster presentations will be help in the Lecture Hall RLM and in the Avaya Auditorium ACE.
  • Housing for students is in the San Jacinto Residence Hall SJC.
  • Housing for Program Committee and Instructors is in the ATT Center ATT.

Getting to UT Austin

  • Please refer to
  • From the airport, the best way to get to campus is to take the Route 100 bus (see attachment below). Its last stop is the UT engineering quad, and passes right by the San Jacinto dorm.
  • More information on bus timings can be found on
  • If you want to share a cab ride to or from the airport, a bulletin board is available here. You can post your flight info and cell to coordinate with other students arriving or departing around the same time. You will need your login to access the bulletin board.

Parking Information
  • Parking information for IT school can be found at: 
  •  Because it is the memorial day weekend, parking from 5:45pm on Friday till Monday night will be free and open in most spots around campus. Please look for a spot that says "F/A/C permit parking, M-F 7:30am - 5:45pm", and park there after Friday afternoon. 
  • You can also use street parking on Friday on Dean Keaton Street, or on Red River Street.
Past Schools

May 23rd- Poster schedule is now online ! See Program for details.

May 20th- Information about posters updated. Check here for details.

May 20th - Information on parking and access updated. Check School Venue for details.

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