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General information: Rooms have been reserved for your group in the San Jacinto Residence Hall for 
Thursday night, May 26 – Sunday night, May 30 (check out on Monday). Rooms include private bath, individual thermostat control, daily housekeeping service, bed and bath linens, and MicroFridge. Bath linens are exchanged daily.
Conference Rates: Conference rates include lodging for four nights. There is no reduced rate for late arrival or early departure.
Non IEEE ITSoc student-member - The conference rates are $140 per person for double occupancy or $280 per person for single occupancy.  
IEEE ITSoc student members - Please turn in the existing form, and if you provide proof of student membership before May 1st by emailing Jennifer Graham at Jennifer.Graham@austin.utexas.edu with your student member number, your fee will be reduced to $110 for double occupancy.
Reservations: To receive the desired accommodations, you are encouraged to make reservations as soon as possible by fully completing and returning the form provided here with credit card payment via fax or snail mail. The deadline for reservations is April 22nd. Reservations will be confirmed by email the next business day. Special room requests required by reasons of health must be made in writing and returned with the housing request form. Co-ed roommates – only if the couple is married. Requested changes in reservations should be communicated immediately. A charge of $50 is made for all cancellations. Payment is due at the time of reservation 
Check-in: Check-in will be held at San Jacinto Hall beginning 8:30 am on Thursday, May 26. Please note the date and time of expected arrival in the space provided in the form.
Check out: Check-out time is 2 pm on May 30.
Additional Night: Housing accommodations may be available for late departure on May 31. Requests for an additional night should be made on the reservation form below. An additional night of housing is $35.00 per person for double occupancy or $70.00 per person for single occupancy.
Past Schools

May 23rd- Poster schedule is now online ! See Program for details.

May 20th- Information about posters updated. Check here for details.

May 20th - Information on parking and access updated. Check School Venue for details.

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