ISIT 2010, Austin

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ISIT 2010 was held in Austin, USA. The Shannon Lecture was delivered by Te Sun Han. Plenaries were given by Michael Jordan, Abbas El Gamal, Anthony Ephremides, and Ram Zamir.
Shannon Lecture - Han
"Musing upon Information Theory" - Te Sun Han, NICT
Plenary Lecture - Jordan
"Completely Random Measures for Bayesian Nonparametrics" - Michael Jordan, UC Berkeley
Plenary Lecture - El Gamal
"Coding for Noisy Networks" - Abbas el Gamal, Stanford University
Plenary Lecture - Ephremides
"THE AUDACITY OF THROUGHPUT – A Trilogy of Rates" - Anthony Ephremides, University of Maryland, College Park
Plenary Lecture - Zamir
"Can Structure Beat Shannon? — The Secrets of Lattice-codes" - Ram Zamir, Tel Aviv University