ISIT 2009, Seoul

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ISIT 2009 was held in Seoul, South Korea. The Shannon Lecture was given by Jorma Rissanen. Plenaries were given by Richard Baraniuk, David Tse, Raymond W. Yeung, and Noga Alon.
Shannon Lecture
"Optimal Estimation" - Jorma Rissanen, Professor Emeritus, University of Tampere
Plenary Lecture - Baraniuk
"Randomized Dimensionality Reduction: A New Framework for Signal Processing and Communications" - Richard Baraniuk, Rice University
Plenary Lecture - David Tse
"It's Easier to Approximate" - David Tse, University of California, Berkeley
Plenary Lecture - Raymond W. Yeung
"Facets of Entropy" - Raymond W. Yeung, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Plenary Lecture - Noga Alon
"Combinatorial Reasoning in Information Theory" - Noga Alon, Tel Aviv University