ISIT 2008, Toronto

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ISIT 2008 was held in Toronto, Canada. The Shannon Lecture was given by Robert M. Gray. Plenaries were given by A. Robert Calderbank, Alon Orlitsky, Emanuel H. Knill, and Avi Wigderson.
Shannon Lecture
"Source Coding and Simulation", Robert M. Gray, Stanford University
Plenary Lecture - Calderbank
"Golay, Heisenberg and Weyl", A. Robert Calderbank, Princeton University
Plenary Lecture - Orlitsky
"From Two to Infinity: Information Theory and Statistics for Large Alphabets", Alon Orlitsky, University of California at San Diego
Plenary Lecture - Knill
"Building Quantum Computers", Emanuel H. Knill, NIST
Plenary Lecture - Wigderson
"Randomness - A Computational Complexity View", Avi Wigderson, Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton