ISIT 2007, Nice

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ISIT 2007 was held in Nice, France. The Shannon Lecture was delivered by Sergio Verdú. Plenaries were given by Michelle Effros, Shlomo Shamai, H. Vincent Poor, and Emery N. Brown.
Shannon Lecture
"Teaching IT", Sergio Verdu, Princeton University
Plenary Lecture - Effros
"Network Source Coding: Pipe Dream or Promise ?", Michelle Effros, Caltech
Plenary Lecture - Shamai
"Reflections on the Broadcast Channel: Progress and Challenges", Shlomo Shamai, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Plenary Lecture - Poor
"Competition and Collaboration in Wireless Networks", H. Vincent Poor, Princeton University
Plenary Lecture - Brown
"Signal Processing Algorithms to Decipher Brain Functions", Emery N. Brown, Massachusetts Institute of Technology