ISIT 2006, Seattle

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ISIT 2006 was held in Seattle, USA. The Shannon lecture was delivered by Rudolf Ahlswede. Plenaries were given by Andrew C. Yao, Alexander Vardy, Brendan J. Frey, and Donald Geman.
Shannon Lecture
"Towards A General Theory of Information Transfer", Rudolf Ahlswede, University of Bielefeld
Plenary Lecture - Yao
"Some Perspectives on Computational and Communication Complexity", Andrew C. Yao, Tsinghua University
Plenary Lecture - Vardy
"What's New and Exciting in Algebraic and Combinatorial Coding Theory", Alexander Vardy, University of California San Diego
Plenary Lecture - Frey
"Beyond Genomics: Detecting Codes and Signals in the Cellular Transcriptome", Brendan J. Frey, University of Toronto
Plenary Lecture - Geman
"In Search of a Unifying Theory for Image Interpretation", Donald Geman, The Johns Hopkins University