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Media Services is an initiative of the IEEE Information Theory Society to archive media-rich content generated by the community. Such content includes: slides, audio, and video from lectures and panel discussions; photographs from current and historical events; conference websites; and so forth.
ISIT 2016, Barcelona, Spain
The 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory was held in Barcelona from July 10 through July 15, 2016.
ISIT 2015, Hong Kong
ISIT 2015 was held in Hong Kong from June 14 to June 19.
ISIT 2014, Honolulu, HI
The 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory was held in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA from June 29 through July 4, 2014.
ISIT 2013, Istanbul
ISIT 2013 was held in Istanbul, Turkey, from July 7 to July 12.
ISIT 2012, Boston, MA
ISIT 2012 was held in Boston, MA. The Shannon Lecture was delivered by Abbas El Gamal. Plenaries were given by Frank Kschischang, Prakash Narayan, Ueli Maurer, and Predrag Cvitanovic.
ISIT 2011, St. Petersburg
ISIT 2011 was held in St Petersburg, Russia. The Shannon Lecture was delivered by Shlomo Shamai. Plenary lectures were given by Erdal Arikan, Zhanna Reznikova, Wojciech Szpankowski and Vladimir Tikhomirov
ISIT 2010, Austin
ISIT 2010 was held in Austin, USA. The Shannon Lecture was delivered by Te Sun Han. Plenaries were given by Michael Jordan, Abbas El Gamal, Anthony Ephremides, and Ram Zamir.
ISIT 2009, Seoul
ISIT 2009 was held in Seoul, South Korea. The Shannon Lecture was given by Jorma Rissanen. Plenaries were given by Richard Baraniuk, David Tse, Raymond W. Yeung, and Noga Alon.
ISIT 2008, Toronto
ISIT 2008 was held in Toronto, Canada. The Shannon Lecture was given by Robert M. Gray. Plenaries were given by A. Robert Calderbank, Alon Orlitsky, Emanuel H. Knill, and Avi Wigderson.
ISIT 2007, Nice
ISIT 2007 was held in Nice, France. The Shannon Lecture was delivered by Sergio Verdú. Plenaries were given by Michelle Effros, Shlomo Shamai, H. Vincent Poor, and Emery N. Brown.
ISIT 2006, Seattle
ISIT 2006 was held in Seattle, USA. The Shannon lecture was delivered by Rudolf Ahlswede. Plenaries were given by Andrew C. Yao, Alexander Vardy, Brendan J. Frey, and Donald Geman.
Shannon Lectures
Transcripts and slides from past Shannon Lectures.
ITW 2011, Paraty, Brazil
2011 School of Information Theory
Lectures by Sanjoy Mitter, Emre Telatar, Rich Baraniuk, Emina Soljanin, and Robert Gray
2010 School of Information Theory
Videos of lectures by Jack Wolf, Alon Orlitsky, Andrea Goldsmith, Emmanuel Candes, Sergio Verdu, Rudiger Urbanke
2009 School of Information Theory
Slides and video from the 2009 School of Information Theory at Northwestern University. Dan Costello on "The Genesis of Coding Theory", Bruce Hajek on "A Sampling of Network Theory", Abbas El Gamal on "Achievability for Discrete Memoryless Systems", and Bob Gallager on "The Early Development of Information Theory, and What it Means for Today"
IEEE TV Profiles and Interviews
IEEE TV has posted several interviews with prominent members of our Society.
Conversations on George Boole, the Legacy Interviews (2016)
Several ITSOC members are featured in this series of interviews commemorating George Boole, organized by University College Cork.