Statistical and Information-Theoretic Methods for Data Analysis

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Statistical and Information-Theoretic Methods for Data Analysis


Creation Date: Jun 09, 2007

Published In: Jun 2007

Paper Type: Dissertation

Address: Helsinki, Finland

School: University of Helsinki


In this Thesis, we develop theory and methods for computational data analysis. The problems in data analysis are approached from three perspectives: statistical learning theory, the Bayesian framework, and the information-theoretic minimum description length (MDL) principle. Contributions in statistical learning theory address the possibility of generalization to unseen cases, and regression analysis with partially observed data with an application to mobile device positioning. In the second part of the Thesis, we discuss so called Bayesian network classifiers, and show that they are closely related to logistic regression models. In the final part, we apply the MDL principle to tracing the history of old manuscripts, and to noise reduction in digital signals.