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Books about information theory and related fields.

This section lists books whose publishers or authors maintain online information regarding the contents of the books. You are invited to submit URLs of books that you believe to be relevant to the interests of Information Theory Researchers. A listing in this section is not to be construed as an official recommendation of the IEEE Information Theory Society.

Textbooks in each category are sorted by alphabetical order of the first author's last name. 

Information Theory

  • Elements of Information Theory, 2nd Ed., T. .M. Cover, J.A. Thomas, Wiley-Interscience, New York, 2006
  • Information Theory: Coding Theorems for Discrete Memoryless Systems, I. Csiszar and J. Korner, Akademiai Kiado, 1997
  • Information Theory and Reliable Communication, R. G. Gallager, Wiley, 1966
  • Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms, D. J. C. MacKay, Cambridge Univ. Press, 2003 [Available online]
  • Information and Information Stability of Random Variables and Processes, M. S. Pinsker, Holden-Day, 1964
  • Information-Spectrum Methods in Information Theory,Te Sun Han, Springer, 2003
  • A First Course in Information Theory, Raymond Yeung, Springer, 2002
  • Information Theory and Network Coding, Raymond Yeung, Springer, 2008 [Available online]
  • Network Information Theory, Abbas El Gamal and Young Han Kim, Cambridge University Press, 2011
  • Information Theory: A Tutorial Introduction, James V Stone, Sebtel Press, 2015. [Available online] 

Coding Theory

  • Foundations of Coding: Theory and Applications of Error-Correcting Codes with an Introduction to Cryptography and Information Theory, J. Adamek, Wiley-Interscience 1991

  • Covering Codes, G. Cohen, I. Honkala, S. Litsyn and A. Lobstein, North-Holland Mathematical Library, 1994

  • Trellis Decoding of Block Codes A Practical Approach, Bahram Honary and Garik Markarian, Springer, 1997

  • Codes for Mass Storage Data Systems, K. Schouhamer Immink
  • A Course In Error-Correcting Codes, Jørn Justesen and Tom Høholdt, European Mathematical Societ, 2004

  • Error Detecting Codes, Torleiv Kløve and Valery Korzhik, Springer, 1995

  • Convolutional Coding: Fundamentals and Applications, L. H. Charles Lee, Artech House Publishers, 1997

  • Error-Control Block Codes for Communications Engineers, L. H. Charles Lee, Artech House Publishers, 2000

  • Error Control Coding, 2nd Ed., Shu Lin and Daniel J. Costello, Prentice Hall, 2004

  • The Theory of Error-Correcting Codes, F.J. MacWilliams and N.J.A. Sloane, North Holland, 1983
  • The Art of Error Correcting Coding, 2nd Ed., Robert H. Morelos-Zaragoza, Wyley, 2006
  • Modern Coding Theory, T. Richardson and R. Urbanke, Cambridge University Press, 2008 [Available online]
  • Error Coding Cookbook: Practical C/C++ Routines and Recipes for Error Detection and Correction, C. Britton Rorabaugh, Mcgraw-Hill, 1996
  • Algebraic-Geometric Codes, M.A. Tsfasman and S. G. Vladut, Springer, 1991
  • An Introduction to Error Correcting Codes with Applications, Scott A. Vanstone and Paul C. van Oorschot, Springer, 1989
  • Error Control Systems for Digital Communication and Storage, S.B. Wicker, Prentice Hall, 1994 


  • Communications and Cryptography Two Sides of One Tapestry, Richard E Blahut, Daniel J. Costello Jr., Ueli Maurer, Thomas Mittelholzer, Springer, 2004
  • Basics of Contemporary Cryptography for IT Practitioners, Boris Ryabko & Andrey Fionov, World Scientific, 2005.
  • An Introduction to Cryptology, Henk C.A. van Tilborg, Springer, 1988 

Source coding

  • Source and Channel Coding: An Algorithmic Approach , J.B. Anderson and S. Mohan, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1991
  • Vector Quantization and Signal Compression, Allen Gersho and Robert M. Gray, Springer, 1991
  • Source Coding Theory, Robert M. Gray, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1989
  • Universal Compression and Retrieval, Rafail Krichevsky
  • Introduction to Source Coding, R. Veldhuis and M. Breeuwer

Digital Communications

  • A Foundation in Digital Communication, A. Lapidoth, Cambridge University Press, 2009 [Book website]
  • Digital Communication, 3rd Ed., J. R. Barry, D. G. Messerschmitt, E. A. Lee, Springer, 2003
  • Principles of Digital Communications, R. G. Gallager, Cambridge University Press, 2008
  • Digital Communications, 4th Ed., J. Proakis, McGraw-Hill, 2000
  • Multiuser Detection, S. Verdú
  • Principles of Digital Communication and Coding, A. J. Viterbi and J. K. Omura
  • Digital Modulation and Coding, Steven Wilson
  • Modulated Coding for Intersymbol Interference Channels, Xiang-Gen Xia

Wireless Communications

  • Wireless Communications, A. J. Goldsmith, Cambridge Univ. Press, 2005.
  • Wireless Information Networks, Jack M. Holtzman, Springer, 1996
  • Coded-Modulation Techniques for Fading Channels, Seyed Hamidreza Jamali and Tho Le-Ngoc, Springer 1994
  • Fundamentals of Wireless Communication, D. Tse, P. Viswanath, Cambridge Univ. Press, 2005 [Available online]

Communication Networks

  • Data Networks, 2nd Ed., Dimitri Bertsekas and Robert Gallager, Prentice Hall, 1995
  • High-Performance Communication Networks, 2nd Ed., Jean Walrand and Pravin Varaiya, Morgan Kaufmann, 2000


  • Graphical Models for Machine Learning and Digital Communication, Brendan J. Frey, MIT Press, 1998
  • Learning in Graphical Models, Michael I. Jordan, (ed.)
  • Finite Fields for Computer Scientists and Engineers, Robert J McEliece
  • The Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, N.J.A. Sloane
  • Average-Case Analysis of Algorithms on Sequences, W. Szpankowski
  • Subband Image Coding, John W. Woods