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Shannon Centenary
The Shannon Centenary
Monographs, Surveys, and Reviews
Links to review articles, surveys, and monographs on information theory.
Other publications related to Information Theory.
Courses and Lecture Notes
A collection of dissertations published on Information Theory. Authors are welcome to contribute their theses for others to read! Step-by-step instructions are in the Help Center.
Distinguished Lecturer Program
The Information Theory Society established the Distinguished Lecturer Program to promote interest in information theory by supporting chapters who wish to invite prominent information theory researchers to give talks at their events. Distinguished Lecturers are selected by the Membership and Chapters (MC) Committee in consultation with the Board of Governors. The Society aims to maintain ten Distinguished Lecturers each serving for two year terms.
Media Services is an initiative of the IEEE Information Theory Society to archive media-rich content generated by the community. Such content includes: slides, audio, and video from lectures and panel discussions; photographs from current and historical events; conference websites; and so forth.
Identity Management
Logos and other material for identity management