Integrable communication channels and the nonlinear fourier transform

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Integrable communication channels and the nonlinear fourier transform


Creation Date: Jul 07, 2013

Published In: Jul 2013

Paper Type: Conference Paper

Book Title: Proc. of IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory

Address: Istanbul, Turkey


This paper considers the transmission of information over integrable channels, a class of (mainlynonlinearchannels described by a Lax operator-pair. For such channels, the nonlinear Fouriertransform, a powerful tool in soliton theory and exactly solvable models, plays the same role in “diagonalizing” the channel that the ordinary Fourier transform plays for linear convolutionalchannels. A transmission strategy encoding information in the nonlinear Fourier spectrum, termednonlinear frequency-division multiplexing, is proposed for integrable channels that is the nonlinearanalogue of orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing commonly used in linear channels. A central and motivating example is fiber-optic data transmission, for which the proposed transmission technique deals with both dispersion and nonlinearity directly and unconditionally without the need for dispersion or nonlinearity compensation methods.

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