September 2016 issue

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President’s Column; Awards; Guest Column: News from the National Science Foundation; Subspaces, Matrices and Codes; The Historian’s Column; Students’ Corner; From the Field: 2016 Chapter of the Year Award for the Benelux IT Chapter; Report on the Munich Workshop on Causal Inference and Information Theory (MCI 2016); Report on the Bertinoro Workshop on Communications and Coding (BCC 2016); Report on Two Major Events on Information Theory in South Africa; Report on International Conference on Information Geometry and its Applications IV; Report on 2016 European School of Information Theory; The 2016 International Zurich Seminar on Communications; Shannon Centenary Workshop and Celebration Reports; A Numerical Tribute to Claude Shannon for his Centennial Birthday; IEEE Information Theory Society Board of Governors Meeting; Golomb’s Puzzle ColumnTM: Latin Squares Solutions; In Memoriam: Professor Rudolf Emil Kalman; In Memoriam: Solomon W. Golomb; Golomb’s Puzzle ColumnTM Collection, Part 1; Call for Papers; ConferenceCalendar.

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