March 2016 Issue

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President’s Column, Editor Column, "Community Detection and the Stochastic Block Model" (Emmanuel Abbe), "Teaching Source Coding and Teaching Channel Coding" (Aaron B. Wagner), Awards, Coding Team Wins a Bell Labs Prize, 2016 Newly Elevated Fellows, Moments, The Historian’s Column, Golomb’s Puzzle Column: Simple Counting Problems, Golomb’s Puzzle Column: Numerical Oddities Solutions, Students’ Corner: "From Idea to Proof: A Challenge for Beginning Researchers" (Parham Noorzad), From the Field: The New Madras Chapter, Report on the Munich Workshop on Information Theory of Optical Fiber (MIO 2015), Report on the 2015 JTG/IEEE IT Society Summer School, IEEE Information Theory Society Board of Governors Meeting Minutes, Shannon Centenary, Claude Elwood Shannon 100th Birthday Celebration, In Memoriam: Moshe Zakai (1926–2015), Call for Papers, Post-Doctoral Positions (Center For Science of Information), Call for Nominations, Conference Calendar.

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