December 2015 Issue

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President column; Robert Calderbank "The Art of Signaling''; Alexander Barg and Itzhak Tamo "On Codes with the Locality Property"; Mohammad Ali Maddah-Ali and Urs Niesen "Cache Networks: An Information-Theoretic View''; Maxim Raginsky and Igal Sason "Concentration of Measure Inequalities and Their Communication and Information-Theoretic Applications''; Historian's Column; Golomb’s Puzzle Column: Numerical Oddities; Golomb’s Puzzle Column: Simple Theorems About Prime Numbers Solutions; Students' Corner; From the field: IEEE Israel Section Information Theory Chapter; ISIT report "Experiments in a Time of Change"; report on the Munich Workshop on Coding and Modulation (MCM 2015), report on the Munich Workshop on Massive MIMO (MMM 2015); report on the Mathematical Tools of Information-Theoretic Security Workshop; In Memoriam: Oscar Moreno de Ayala; In Memoriam: Victor Wei.

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