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Information about the ArXiV preprint server and Information Theory Society policies.
ArXiv is a public preprint server (partly funded by the NSF) which in the past decade has become the dominant method for distributing new papers in the physics community, and more recently in substantial parts of math and CS. It has been called the "physics model" for "open access" publication. Recently ArXiv has established an information theory category. In October 2004, the IT Board of Governors unanimously voted to encourage IT authors to post all of their preprints (both journal and conference) on ArXiv, to encourage rapid dissemination of new research. Here are a set of Frequently Asked Questions about ArXiV.
Report of the Ad Hoc ArXiv Study Committee to the BoG
As reported at the June Board of Governors meeting, an information theory (IT) category has recently been set up on the public preprint server ArXiv ( This committee was created to recommend whether the IT Society should take any steps to endorse and actively promote the posting of IT papers on ArXiv.
Information Theory on ArXiV
A link to the information theory section of ArXiV, arxiv/cs.IT.

COVID-19 Updates

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