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The IT Transactions publishes papers concerned with the transmission, processing, and utilization of information. While the boundaries of acceptable subject matter are intentionally not sharply delimited, its scope currently includes Shannon theory, coding theory and techniques, data compression, sequences, signal processing, detection and estimation, pattern recognition, learning and inference, communications and communication networks, complexity and cryptography, and quantum information theory and coding. IT Transactions papers typically contain a strong conceptual and/or analytical contribution.
The IT Society Newsletter is published four times a year in Adobe PDF format. Articles specific to each issue are listed below. To contribute articles or offer suggestions, please contact the Newsletter Editor.
Papers of Distinction
Award-winning papers produced by the IT community, many published in the IT Transactions.
Information about the ArXiV preprint server and Information Theory Society policies.
Information for Authors and Reviewers
Information for authors wishing to submit papers to the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory and for reviewers.