Stephen Vaughan Hanly

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Stephen Vaughan Hanly portrait

Stephen Vaughan Hanly


Affiliation: Macquarie University

Contact Information

Macquarie University, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, E6B, Rm 109 North Ryde, NSW 2109, Australia. 

Participation & Positions:

External Nominations Committee (Member, 01/01/18 until 12/31/19)
Board of Governors (Member, 01/01/18 until 10/01/19)
Paper Awards Committee (Member, 01/01/16 until 12/31/17)
Board of Governors (Member, 01/01/15 until 12/31/17)
Conference Committee (Member, 01/01/14 until 12/31/16)
Membership Committee (Member, 01/01/09 until 12/31/10)

Author Of:

D. Tse , S.V. Hanly , "Linear Multiuser Receivers: Effective Interference, Effective Bandwidth and User Capacity", IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, Mar. 1999