Pastor Cortes Osorno

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Pastor Cortes Osorno

Contact Information


Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria


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Research Interests

  • Coding Techniques
  • Coding Theory
  • Communication Networks
  • Complexity and Cryptography


My name is Pastor Cortes Osorno, I am a graduate of the Systems engineering career in UNI, I identify with the profile and skills outlined in this curriculum. I am interested in activities that seek my academic growth, I am currently a member of the IEEE (90853079), specifically the student branch of the UNI.

I own English proficiency, a web design background concerning, specifically ExtGWT and HTML5 technologies. I am currently doing my thesis at the National Center of Ophthalmology (CENAO), which is to make the CENAO's website, with an application to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction.

Regaring to the area of ​​databases and networking, I can configurate network devices, I have got knowledges of routing protocols such as OSPF, EIGRP and RIV v2, networking troubleshooting, establish WAN connectivity, configure load balancing on Layer 2 and 3, especially with either Etherchannel PAgP or LACP protocols, I won second place in the collegue fair TecnoUNI 2010 with my project: "Load balancing in the various layers of the OSI Model" in the category Computing and Education. I had acquired skills for RDBMS like Microsoft SQL Server 2008 intermediate level (I'm using it in my thesis) and Oracle 11g on a basic level.

My experience at Telefónica Movistar, allowed me to have knowledge of utilities like BackTrack, Nessus, Nmap, among others. In order to do penetration testing, perform verification of user privileges to shared folders, scan networks looking for unauthorized shared folders, scan ports, among other activities.

Nowdays, I find myself able to get the CCNA certification on December 2012 hopefully, obviusly I have the goal to hold other certifications either Microsoft or Oracle. I would like to mention also I'm on the registration board for CONCAPAN XXXII, is an IEEE congress which will be held this year in Nicaragua.

I like to set me goals and achieve them, I consider myself enthusiastic, innovative, responsible and conscious of the duty to fulfill the tasks assigned to me, I maintain a reliable attitude of respect for all people and also I'm capable to work in team environments. Please allowed me to quote the BackTrack slogan: "The quieter you Become the more you are Able to hear". I consider listenning people is the key to communicate fluently and constantly with them in a team enviroment.