Jun Zhao

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Jun Zhao portrait

Jun Zhao

Contact Information

Carnegie Mellon University
PhD Candidate

Web: http://junzhao.info

Research Interests

  • Coding Theory
  • Communication Networks
  • Communications
  • Complexity and Cryptography
  • Compressed Sensing
  • Detection and Estimation
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Quantum Information Theory
  • Shannon Theory
  • Signal Processing
  • Source Coding
  • Statistical Learning and Inference


Jun Zhao is currently a PhD candidate in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). He obtained the B.S. degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China and entered CMU for his PhD study at age 20. Jun is mostly working on analyzing secure networks by graph intersections, which have numerous applications in technological, social, economic and biological networks. Broadly, his research interests include graph/probability theory, combinatorics, network science, wireless networks and network/system security. Please visit http://junzhao.info for more information.