Dushantha Nalin K Jayakody A

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Dushantha Nalin K Jayakody A portrait

Dushantha Nalin K Jayakody A

Contact Information

Nalin Jayakody

PhD researcher,

School of Electronics & Electrical Engineering,

University College Dublin,

Belfield, Ireland.

Tel. (+353) 1 716 1914

Fax. (+353) 1 283 0534

E: Nalin.Jayakody@ieee.org



Research Interests

  • Communications


I've received a M.Sc. degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkey, in 2010 with a first class. I'm continue to work on the same research field with the wireless communication group of the University College Dublin, Ireland as a Ph.D. degree candidate.

My research interests are: Cooperative Communication, LDPC Coding, Coding theory, OFDM & OFDMA.