Henk van Tilborg

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Henk van Tilborg portrait

Henk van Tilborg

Contact Information

Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science

Eindhoven University of Technology

Den Dolech 2

5612 AZ         Eindhoven

the Netherlands


Research Interests

  • Coding Theory





University                   Department of Mathematics              

                                  Eindhoven University of Technology, 1966-1971

                                  Caltech / JPL, January-March 1971      

                                  Bell Telephone Labs., April-August 1971

Masters degree          TUE, December 1971, cum laude             

                                  On Weights in Codes                       

Doctors degree            TUE, 6-1-1976                            

                                    Uniformly Packed Codes                   

                                    promotor: Prof.dr. J.H. van Lint



Positions at Eindhoven University of Technology:


          Research assistant       from  1-1-1972  until  6-30-1976,

          Assistant professor      from  7-1-1976  until 10-31-1980,

          Associate professor     from 11-1-1980  until  5-31-1992,

                                              (only 3 days per week from 9-15-1986),

          Full professor              from 6-1-1992.



Further positions in the past:


§  Visiting Assistant Professor in Mathematics at the California Institute of Technology during the academic year 1976/1977.

§  Visiting Professor in Mathematics at the Catholic University of Leuven during the academic year 1982 / 1983.

§  Visiting Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology from Sept. 1984 until March 1985.

§  Visiting Scientist at the IBM Almaden Research Center, from June until Aug. 1986. Also from 2-8-1987 until 2-22-1987, from 3-13-1988 until 3-27-1988, from 7-10-1989 until
8-10-1989 and from 2-24-1991 until 3-9-1991.

§  Full Professor (2 days per week) at the Dept. of Technical Sciences, Open University, Heerlen, the Netherlands from 9-15-86 until 6-30-1992.

§  Visiting Professor in Electrical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology from April 1989 until July 1989.

§  Visiting Professor in Electrical Engineering at the University of Pretoria, from 7-20-1991 until 9-7-1991.

§  Visiting Professor in Electrical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology from August until December 1998.

§  Visiting Professor in the Department of Computing at Macquarie University, Sydney, from April until July 2005.




§  IEEE Fellow, January 1, 2000, For Contributions to Coding Theory and Cryptology.



Academic duties:



q  Associate Editor for Coding Theory of the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, from
1-1-1988 until 12-31-1990.

q  Associate Editor of Designs, Codes and Cryptography, from 1-1-1991.

q   Board of Governors of IEEE Information Theory Society, from 4-1-1991 until 4-1-1997.

q  Associate Editor of the Journal of Combinatorics, Information & System Sciences, from

q  Scientific director of the research school EIDMA (Euler Institute for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications), from September 1993.

q  Council Member of the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI), 2001-2003.

q  Advisory Editor of Advances In Mathematics Of Communications, from 1-1-2007.

q  Scientific director of EIPSI (Eindhoven Institute for the Protection of Systems and Information), since 10-1-2007.

q  Editor of Asian-European Journal of Mathematics, from 1-1-2008.

q  Associate editor for Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society for the period of April 2007 – December 2008.


Books en Special Volumes:


  1. Henk C.A. van Tilborg, An Introduction to Cryptology, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston etc., 1988.
  2. P.J. Cameron and H.C.A. van Tilborg, Guest Editors of A Collection of Contributions in Honour of Jack van Lint, Discrete Mathematics Vol. 106/107, 9-1-1992.
    Also in Topics in Discrete Mathematics 7, North Holland, Amsterdam etc., 1992.
  3. Henk van Tilborg, Error-Correcting Codes - a First Course, Studentlitteratur, Lund, 1993.
  4. Henk C.A. van Tilborg, Fundamentals of Cryptology; A Professional Reference and Interactive Tutorial, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston etc., 1999.
  5. C. Carlet (Guest-editor), P. Charpin, M. Girault, G. Kabatiansky and H.C.A. van Tilborg (Co-guest editors), Discrete Applied Mathematics, Special Issue on Coding and Cryptography, Vol. 111, Numbers 1-2, Pages 1-218, 2001.
  6. M. Blaum, P.G. Farrell and H.C.A. van Tilborg (Editors), Information, Coding and Mathematics, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston etc., ISBN 1-4020-7079-9, 378 p., 2002.
  7. J.E.J. Prins, P.M.A. Ribbers, H.C.A. van Tilborg, A.F.L. Veth and J.G.L. van de Wees (Editors), Trust in Electronic Commerce, Kluwer Law International, The Hague etc., ISBN 90-411-1845-4, 312 p., 2002.
  8. Henk C.A. van Tilborg, Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security, Springer, ISBN: 0-387-23473-X, 684 p., 2005.
  9. Х.К.А. ван Тилборг, ОСНОВЫ КРИПТОЛОГИИ, Мосва <<Мир>>, 2006 (translation of 4. by И.О. Корякова).
  10. A. Blokhuis, H.D.L. Hollmann, W.M. Kantor, and H.C.A. van Tilborg, Special Issue in Honor of  Jacobus van Lint, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 113,  2006, p. 1593-1821.



Participation & Positions:

Board of Governors (01/01/91 until 12/31/96)