Thomas M. Cover, (1938-2012)

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Thomas M. Cover, (1938-2012) portrait

Thomas M. Cover, (1938-2012)

Contact Information

Electrical Engineering Dept.
Stanford University
350 Serra Mall, #254
Stanford, CA 94305-9510

Participation & Positions:

Claude E. Shannon Award Selection Committee (Member, 01/01/06 until 12/31/07)
Claude E. Shannon Award Selection Committee (Member, 2004)
Board of Governors (Member, 01/01/04 until 12/31/06)
Board of Governors (Member, 01/01/01 until 12/31/03)
Publications Committee (Associate Editor for Book Reviews, 05/01/94 until 12/31/96)
Board of Governors (01/01/91 until 12/31/93)

Author Of:

T.M. Cover (1938-2012), "Broadcast channels", IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, Jan. 1972

Advisor To:

I. Kontoyiannis , "Recurrence and Waiting Times in Stationary Processes, and their Applications in Data Compression", Ph.D. Thesis, Stanford University, Stanfor, CA, May. 1998