Alexander Barg

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Alexander Barg

Contact Information

Department of ECE and Institute for Systems Research

University of Maryland

College Park, MD 20742

Research Interests

  • Coding Techniques
  • Coding Theory
  • Communications
  • Complexity and Cryptography
  • Shannon Theory

Participation & Positions:

Claude E. Shannon Award Selection Committee (Member, 01/01/20 until 12/31/21)
Publications Committee (Editor-in-Chief, 07/01/18 until 12/31/19)
Board of Governors (Transactions Editor-in-Chief, 07/01/18 until 12/31/19)
Newsletter Editorial Committee (Member, 01/01/18 until 12/31/20)
Publications Committee (Executive Editor, 01/01/17 until 06/30/18)
Board of Governors (Transactions Executive Editor, 01/01/17 until 06/30/18)
Paper Awards Committee (Member, 2010)
Board of Governors (Member, 01/01/08 until 12/31/10)
Paper Awards Committee (Member, 2007)
Publications Committee (Associate Editor for Coding Theory, 09/01/97 until 09/01/00)

Author Of:

A. Barg , A. Mazumdar , "Codes in permutations and error correction for rank modulation", Proc. of IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, Austin, TX, USA, Jun. 2010

I. Tamo , A. Barg , "A Family of Optimal Locally Recoverable Codes", IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Aug. 2014