Mahdi Khosravy, Dr.

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Mahdi Khosravy, Dr.

Affiliation: University of Information Science and technology, Ohrid, Macedonia

Contact Information

Mahdi Khosravy


University for Informaiton Science and
Technology, Partizanska, Ohrid
Ohrid , 6000

Research Interests

  • Signal Processing


Mahdi Khosravy has a PhD degree in Interdisciplinary Intelligent Systems with excellence from University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan. He was presented the President’s Honorary Award in the university for Excellence in PhD dissertation. As well the results thereof have been published as an invited monograph book by Lambert Academic Publications in Germany. He was awarded the PhD Scholarship of Monbukagakusho by Japanese government. Presently, he has collaboration as assistant professor at the University for Information Science and Technology (UIST) in Ohrid, republic of Macedonia.