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We have identified mentoring as being an important component of success and a particular challenge for some of our society members. We will therefore continue our successful mentorship program, open to all. A typical mentor/mentee pairing would be a faculty member or professional in industry mentoring a graduate student or postdoc, or a senior faculty or industry researcher mentoring a junior faculty or researcher. We would strongly encourage mentees to become also mentors currently or in the future. A mentor/mentee relationship will be a priori a two year one. A mentor will agree to communicating with his/her mentee roughly a few times per year to provide professional advice and feedback, e.g., by helping the mentee with proposal writing or by introducing him to potential collaborators. We are also having a yearly mentor/mentee social event at ISIT. The only requirement for our mentoring program is that a mentor/mentee should be part of the IEEE IT Society for the duration of the mentoring period.

Interested Mentees

Please tell us about your interests. Note that we cannot guarantee you a particular mentor and so we do not take requests for specific mentors.

Please sign up for the program at­program.


Interested Mentors

Please tell us about your interests and tell us how may mentees you are willing to take.

Please sign up for the program at­program.


Current Mentoring Relationships



Resources on Mentoring


University of Washington website for faculty on mentoring
graduate students:

Collection of pdf files on mentoring at

2004 Proceedings of a workshop on mentoring for
engineering academia (emphasis on women and minorities,
but 80% of the material is general). Considers
mentoring and being mentored as graduate students and junior
HTML excerpt
Best practices in mentoring

Mentoring for Engineering Academia II
Proceedings of a 2007 workshop. Proceedings available in
pdf and html.


Students are your legacy - article by Dave Patterson

Students are your legacy

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