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Current job opportunities
Post-Doctoral Position at USC
There is a postdoctoral position available at Prof. Avestimehr's research group at University of Southern California (USC). The position will be on exciting applications of information theory and coding to large-scale machine learning and distributed computing systems.
Technical University of Munich Seeks Doctoral student; Postdoctoral Student
Technical University of Munich seeks Doctoral student; Postdoctoral student: Information and Communication Theory for Post Shannon Communication Systems
Title: Postdoc and PhD student openings at Chalmers, Sweden
1 Postdoc and 1 PhD student position are open at Chalmers University of Technology Sweden, where information-theoretic methods will be used to advance fiber-optic communications.
PhD positions in information theory/coding theory in Munich
There is vacancy for three PhD positions in information theory/coding theory at the Institute for Communications Engineering (Prof. Gerhard Kramer) starting on June 1, 2019. The positions are for a fixed period of 3 years as part of the BMBF-Project „Coding theory and coding methods for new communication models”. The project leader is Dr. Christian Deppe. The location is the Technical University of Munich, Theresienstr 90, 80333 Munich.
Postdoc and PhD Positions in Coding Theory for Distributed Systems at Bar-Ilan University (Israel)
A postdoctoral position and a PhD position are open in the coding group in the faculty of engineering at Bar-Ilan University, hosted by Dr. Ran Gelles.
Openings within the NICEST Lab @ UIC (Tuninetti, Devroye, Smida)
Several postdoctoral and PhD positions available within the NICEST lab at UIC, in network information theory and communication theory, with Profs Tuninetti, Devroye, and Smida.
Postdoc and PhD Positions at EURECOM France on Future Wireless Networks
Post-doc position at the intersection of hardware security, machine learning, information theory and statistics.
Post-doc position at the intersection of hardware security, machine learning, information theory and statistics.
Prof. Namrata Vaswani is looking for new Ph.D. students / postdoc
Prof. Namrata Vaswani of Iowa State University is looking for Ph.D. students, and or a postdoc, to work on interesting Statistical Machine Learning problems motivated by real applications (often in computer vision or imaging). If interested, please email her at namrata AT iastate DOT edu (along with your recent transcripts and CV/resume).
Two-year Postdoctoral Researcher Position at Rutgers University
A two-year position in signal processing and machine learning for scientific applications is available in the ECE Department at Rutgers University under Prof. Waheed Bajwa.
Doctoral Student, Postdoctoral Student at Technical University of Munich
Two Post-Doc Opportunities at King's College London
Assistant Professor position at Princeton University
The Department of Electrical Engineering seeks applications in all areas of Electrical Engineering for a tenure-track assistant professor faculty position. Candidates should have a commitment to teaching and a demonstrated ability to pursue a high impact research program. A start date of September 1, 2020 is preferred.
Postdoc Position at TU Delft
A postdoctoral position is available to work at QuTech in TU Delft on the classical postprocessing of quantum key distribution.
Ph.D. Position in Statistical and Information Theoretic Analysis of Hardware Security Systems
Ph.D. opening at the University of Illinois at Chicago, supervised by Professor Natasha Devroye and Professor Wenjing Rao.
Post-doctoral position in statistical and information theoretic analysis of hardware security systems
Post-doctoral position under Professor Natasha Devroye and Professor Wenjing Rao.
Open Faculty position on Quantum Information Processing with Photons at Télécom Paris
Télécom Paris, one of the top French Graduate Schools of Engineering, offers a full-time tenured academic position as Associate Professor in the area of Quantum Information Processing, with of focus of quantum computing and experimental quantum optics.
Postdoctoral Position in Information Theory, Coding Theory, and Machine Learning
Telecom ParisTech and CentraleSupelec have a joint postdoctoral position at the interface between information theory, coding theory and machine learning under Professors Aslan Tchamkerten and Sheng Yang. This position is intended for a curious and daring young researcher with a strong mathematical background. The appointment will be for one year with the possibility of renewal. Applicants should have (or be close to obtaining) a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related areas. Applications must be emailed to and should include CV, statement of research, and contact information for three references.
Postdoc in large-scale statistical learning at Texas A&M
A postdoctoral position is available at Texas A&M in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department and Institute of Data Science.
A Post-Doctoral Fellow (PDF) Position in Wireless Communication Theory
The successful PDF will be engaged in a project related to physical layer security either from an information or a communication theoretical point of view. Candidates with strong analytical skills in wireless communication theory ‎ are encouraged to apply.‎ The successful PDF must hold a PhD In Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, or other relevant disciplines. ‎A high level of self-motivation, a strong publication record, very good English communication skills (oral and writing), and the ability to work independently, as well as, in a team are essential. The successful PDF may also be actively engaged in student mentoring. He/she will also be required to deliver regular reports related to the associated grant.

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